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The Angelic Hierarchy

I came across the Angelic Hierarchy during my studies and have found it incredibly insightful. Here I will explain all about the 3 hierarchies and 9 choirs.

The first hierarchy

Are the Angels that are closest to God and are the divine counselors.

They are composed of:

  • Seraphims: The first choir of angels and the highest. They have a very high vibration and are so resplendent that they look like flames of fire always singing praises to God.
  • Cherubims: The second choir and are the guardians of the sky and the stars. Their name means "fullness of knowledge" and are the guardians of the heavenly records.
  • Thrones: The third choir known as wheels of light. They represent divine justice as the builders of the universal order.

The second hierarchy

Is known as the guardians of the world.

They are composed of:

  • Dominions: The fourth angelic choir, they are the directors who regulate the duties of the angels. responsible for keeping the universe in order and balance.
  • Virtues: The fifth choir, known as the miraculous angels. They are responsible for nature and for pouring out God's miracles and blessings on earth.
  • Powers: The sixth angelic choir are the protectors and defenders of the world. They help us keep the peace and ensure the universe is in balance.

The third hierarchy

Are called divine messengers and are closest to humans. These Angels protect and guide humanity.

They are composed of:

  • Principalities: The seventh angelic choir are the guardians and protectors of the nations. They especially monitor the actions of influential leaders both political and religious, ensuring that they fulfill God's will to create a better world.
  • Archangels: The eighth angelic choir, known as the chiefs of the Angels. God has given them important responsibilities and tasks to do His will. These Angels are here to work with us and help us.
  • Angels: The last angelic chorus which has the greatest connection with humanity. Everyone’s guardian Angel is found in this choir. They are the divine messengers who bring our prayers to God.

Now that you know more about this heavenly hierarchy, in my next blog I will tell more details about the Archangels.

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